~ Demi Masa ~

Saturday, January 19, 2013

~:: eVeRy AcTiOn HaS aN eQuAl AnD oPpOsItE rEaCtIoN ::~

Yes... This is Sir Issac Newton's third laws of physics.. but personally I don't think it is only important to space flight only... I think same law applies to our every day life..

This is what this book is trying to say... how the effect of constant pressure can eventually caused something to burst out.. some goes with the Newton law... if you push on anything it will push back on you... the book is allegorically telling that what ever action you've made can caused an expected or not.. but it will caused something..

The books also try to say that sometimes what we think the best we can give to someone we love is not actually what they wanted.. they same love we gave to one person will not gave the same result to another person.. 

This book is complicated but the way I like it.. this is the second time I've read it.. how I envy this writer's skill.. 

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